About Our Company

Making Luxury, Comfortability
and Serenity Affordable.

Affordable, Rewarding And Secure

We provide highly Affordable and Rewarding and Secure Real Estate Investment. We are providing Real Estate Opportunities as a Form of Investment to Grow wealth, Provide Decent living and Prepare everyone their desire form of retirement.

Our Vision

We are driven by the passion that every Nigeria in the diaspora and Non-Diaspora deserve A decent, Secure and Affordable living driven by Excellence as a Top leader in the industry.

We are the future of real estate

Aridan Homes is a real estate and property development company committed to offering unparalleled value in all of our estates and homes.

We are focused on bringing the international feels with packages designed adequately to suit our clients’ needs. We provide quality and excellent homes of lasting value that stand the test of time, homes where families make the memories they will cherish forever.

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Why Choose Us

Trusted By Thousands

We’re known to deliver timely and exquisitely, over the years our services have not dropped one bit. We’ve only stepped up our game and what are the odds that you found us?

Exquisite Properties

Our properties are global standard, purposefully furnished to suit clients’ needs, we want to intrigue you. This happens naturally.

Pay Comfortably

You’re not confined to one mode of payment, you can pay within a designed payment time frame. Pay in installments that are spread over time.

Meet Our Team


Here are a few reviews from our clients, it’s proof of how much they love us.

I was glad i waited until you opened your estate in my preferred location. Your services are top notch.
by Augusta Silva
I am amazed about the amount ROI/Profit i have made on my land within a short period of time. Thanks for proving the doubters wrong.
by Aina
I was glad when my husband and actually saw the land. He was really impressed and encouraged us to build as soon as possible.
by Ebun
We are glad to have partnered with you at Aridan Homes. You assured us that our investment was safe and i am happy that was the case.
by Esther. M

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